Project 52- Silhouette


This week's blog theme is SILHOUETTE!  A silhouette is basically just a dark shape that you can see the outline of, on a lighter background.  

This theme was a little bit tricky to accomplish.  Finding a location was the most difficult part.  I knew I wanted to have Zoey standing on a hill with the sunset in the background.  Turns out we do not have a lot of hills that are out in the open.  The reason the hill needs to be out in the open is because any sort of tree line or buildings in the background will disrupt the silhouette of your subject.  We have a very large area close by that is in the beginning stages of development.  I found a small hill that was far enough away from the tree line for it to work. 

The technical shooting part was fairly simple.  I used a narrow aperture to make sure everything was in focus.  This also helped cut down on the amount of light entering the lens.  I adjusted my ISO and shutter speed to expose for the sky so that I didn't lose any of the highlights/detail in the sky.  That naturally darkened Zoey and surrounding grass.  I did very little post processing to get Zoey completely black. 

Initially, I envisioned being able to see Zoey's entire outline (feet and all), but I actually loved how this turned out with the tall grass.

I am so excited to check out what the other photographers in our blog circle did for this theme!  Next up, please check out KME Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see Kirsten's take on silhouette. Thank you for stopping by!