Project 52- Week 10

Hello!  Happy Friday!

This week's theme for our Project 52 Blog Circle is "patterns".  A pattern (according to Google) is defined as "repeated decorative design".  I have to admit...I had a difficult time coming up with patterns to use around our home.  We have no wallpaper, no decorative rugs, and no patterns on any of our bedding.  I decided to look for naturally occuring patterns.  

BRICKS!  They are fairly decorative.

FENCING!  Decorative, but also useful.

While I was over at a friend's house, I was still looking for patterns.  They actually had a small piece of LATTICE in their back yard that was SCREAMING for me to use it.

WOOD FLOORS!  I love a good monochromatic image.

Next up, make sure you check out BARKography by Kim Hollis, based in Charlotte, NC to see her take on "patterns".  Thanks for stopping by!