Project 52- Week 11

Hello!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And happy Friday!  :)

This week's theme for our Project 52 Blog Circle is HIGH KEY!  The goal of a high key image is to eliminate most of the shadows.  The majority of the tones should fall in the highlights region of the histogram (a graphical display of tones in an image).  High key images tend to give off a more upbeat vibe while also allowing the subject itself to really stand out.

This theme pushed me out of the same planet as my comfort zone!  I had to come up with a way to get a completely (or mostly) white background with no back drop and only one speedlight.  I knew I needed at least one more light source, so my only option was a large window in our living area.  I also RARELY use my speedlight (flash), so I did some experimenting with one of my daughter's stuffed animals until I got the lighting where I wanted it.  Then I placed my subject (Buster) in front of the window and took several shots.

When I brought the images into Lightroom, you could still see lines where the blinds were on my window.  I figured it would take me a while in Photoshop, but that I should be able to make them disappear.  Turns out, I did not even need to go into Photoshop!!!  I was able to use my adjustment brush in Lightroom to bring up the exposure enough where the lines from the blinds turned white!  DISCLAIMER:  I KNOW THIS MAY NOT BE AN APPROPRIATE/PROPER TECHNIQUE FOR CREATING A HIGH KEY IMAGE, BUT IT YIELDED THE RESULT I WANTED FOR THIS IMAGE!

While the image itself isn't perfect, I am thrilled with the result!  Especially since this was taken in my living room with one flash!  Next up in our blog circle is Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia.  Check out her high key interpretation this week!

Have a great weekend!