Project 52- Week 13

Hello!  Happy Friday!

This week's theme for our Project 52 Blog Circle is GREEN!  Pretty self explanatory.  :)

This actually proved to be a little bit more difficult than you would think because all of our grass is still brown.  I got lucky by waiting until almost the last minute to shoot my images because we had some growth in the last few days.  We still do not have much grass, but we have a small patch of some beautiful tall flowers growing.  Okay, who am I kidding...they're weeds.  But hey, they are beautiful weeds, so I decided to photograph Zoey in them.  Enjoy.

The second image is one of my absolute favorites to shoot (getting close and shooting down at your subject).  It doesn't matter where you are, you can get a decent portrait and not have to worry about having a "good" background.  Also, I just love a bobble head look!  Next up in the blog circle is pet photographer Elaine Mueller Tweedy with I Got The Shot Photography, serving Northeastern PA.  Remember to keep clicking through until you get back here to see lots of awesome images of adorable furry friends.  Have a wonderful weekend!