Project 52- Week 14

Hello!  Happy Friday!

It is Week 14 of our Project 52 Blog Circle, and the theme this week is URBAN!  I was super excited when I saw this theme because I have been waiting for an excuse to get out into downtown Columbia and explore new unique shooting locations.  Unfortunately, that did not pan out for me this week.  I was, however, able to take Buster over to Spirit Communications Park which is the stadium for our hometown baseball team, The Columbia Fireflies.  It's located on the outskirts of downtown, so I'm considering it urban-ish.

We went just a couple of days before opening night, so there was A LOT of construction and preparation going on.  The only time we were able to go was in the middle of the day and that always makes shooting more challenging.  I searched for locations that were out of the way, showed parts of the stadium, and had some form of open shade.

We walked around to the back of the stadium and the majority of that side was a simple fence, so you could see basically the entire stadium!  There were also a few big trees that provided some shade.  Since the trees were not super full, the shade that they provided formed dappled (spotty, inconsistent) light.  I would normally try to avoid this, but I thought it made a really cool looking pattern on the ground and might add interest to the images.  Here are my two favorites from this spot:


The other spot I really wanted to shoot at was the ticket counter!  This shot turned out exactly how I envisioned it...

I hope you enjoyed my take on urban!  Next up is Susannah Maynard with Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay area.  Thanks for stopping by!