Project 52- Week 15

Hello!  Happy Good Friday to you, and Happy EASTER!!!

Our blog circle theme for this week is "breaking the rules".  I have to admit...I am a huge rule follower.  Always have been.  It kills me when I know that I have to do something that does not fall in line with the rules/standards. 

Thankfully, photography doesn't have many rules.  There are definitely guidelines to follow that will TYPICALLY result in a better image, but these guidelines are not set in stone by any means.  

I chose to capture an image that combines a couple of compositional guidelines:  "leading lines" and "rule of thirds" (or not).  In the image below, I deliberately broke the "rule of thirds" by placing Zoey to the far right portion of the frame so that the "leading lines" could do their job and draw your eye through the image.  I just felt like it made the image a bit more interesting.

Next up in our blog circle is Linda of DogShotz Photography, serving Indianapolis, IN.  HOP on over and take a look at her take on "breaking the rules".  Sorry, I had to.  :)  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.  God Bless.