Project 52- Week 17

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday!

Sorry I was MIA last week.  The theme was "Fantasy", so I definitely missed out on a fun one.  I am glad to be back for this week, however, and the theme is "low key".  

Low key images are more rich in shadows and dark tones.  They tend to convey a more moody or dramatic feel.  This is totally opposite of my typical style, but I definitely enjoyed trying it out.  Here is my first ever attempt at a low key image (using my gorgeous model, Zoey)...

I shot this in my living room using one speed light and a shoot through ubmbrella.  I stopped my aperture down to cut out as much ambient light as possible, then positioned my light where I had catchlights in both eyes (not required, but that is my preference).  All post processing was done in Lightroom.  I tried a similar tehcnique to the one I used for my high key image, except used the brush to bring DOWN the exposure making the background black.

I hope you enjoyed my version of low key.  Next up, head on over to Ono Pet Photography in Fairhope, Alabama to see Kathie's take on low key. Thanks for stopping by!