Project 52- Week 4

Hey Everyone!  Happy Friday!  

This week's theme for Project 52 is "different perspective".  Changing up your perspective while photographing a subject is a great way to make your images look unique.  Most people will naturally take a photo straight on while standing at their normal height.  By changing your angle, height, or vantage point, you can get a wide variety of images from one location.  If your goal is one solid image, taking it from a different perspective will make that image "pop" a bit more than taking it straight on at normal height.  

This is especially true in Pet Photography.  We are used to seeing our pets from above looking down at them.  When you see an image that was taken from below looking up at them, it really makes you want to stop and look at that image longer.  

This is an image that I would normally take.  I love it, but it is taken from a pretty predictable perspective.


This image was taken in the exact same room, but really grabs your attention a bit more due to the shift in perspective.


Head on over to Pant the Town Pet Photography (serving MA & NH) and check out Darlene's take on different perspective.