Project 52- Week 5

Happy Friday!

This week's theme for our Project 52 Blog circle is Before & After!  I absolutely LOVE seeing before/after images.  Sometimes there may only be a subtle difference between the two, but other times there is a HUGE difference in the origianl image and the final image.  The goal is for the viewer to not be able to tell what exactly was done in the final image.  For example, if you removed a leash from the origianl image, you should not be able to see where it used to be in the final image.      

I have to admit, I am mainly a Lightroom user...meaning I am not very well versed in Photoshop.  Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool, but there is certainly a big learning curve.  I decided to push myself this week and work on one of my images in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here is my original image straight out of camera (SOOC). You may also see this refered to as the RAW file (other photographers know how SCARY it is to show your RAW file :) )...

I made some color and exposure adjustments, removed the leash, and cropped the image in Lightroom.  Next, I took the image into Photoshop and was able to copy the left side of the background to right side.  I chose the left side to copy from because the leaf pile on the right was a bit distracting and I thought the left side was a bit brighter, which fits more with my style.  I also created a few curves and vibrance layers to help lessen the intensity of the shadows and give the image a little bit of pop.  Here is the final image...

Here is a side-by-side so that it is easier to compare the two...

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Please make sure to check out Denver Pet Photographer, Deanna Hurt with Stink Dog Photos to see her before and after!