Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need professional pictures of my furry family member?

I share this only because I am experiencing this right now.  I just lost my heart dog, Buster, to cancer.  He meant absolutely everything to me and is the reason I am so passionate about pet photography.  All that I have left of him now are memories and pictures.  By all means, take a million pictures and videos with your phone, but also have at least one set of beautiful professional quality images that you can cherish after they are gone.  These will likely be the images you want to print or share with others to honor their memory.

Can I be in the pictures with my furry family member?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  It is not a requirement, but I HIGHLY recommend you getting in at least one frame with your fur baby.  It kills me that I did not get in the frame with my precious Buster before he passed and I do not want any one else to have that regret.  Again, though, this is not a requirement.

What is included in the pre-session consult?

This is the time where we get to know each other.  I want to find out all about your beloved furry family member and exactly what your goals are for the session.  I also want you to feel free to ask me anything you want to know about myself and adress any concerns that you may have.

What is the difference between a LOW res and a HIGH res image?

A low resolution (low res) image looks great online.  You can email it, post it on social media, or use it on your personal blog/website and it will look awesome.  It will NOT look awesome if you try to print it.  A high resolution (high res) image will look great no matter what you are doing with it.  The image will look crisp and sharp online or printed up to 30"x40".

Should I take my furry family member on a walk before the session?

Yes, BUT, do not wear them completely out.  It's a great idea to take them for a walk to help them get some energy out, but you do not want them totally exhausted at the beginning of the session.  

What if my furry family member is totally untrained?

If your furry family member does not have a solid sit/stay command, you may end up with more candid images than posed portraits.  This is not a bad thing by any means, but keep that in mind as you are considering booking a session. 

What if my furry family member can not be off-leash?

No problem!  SAFETY FIRST! The leash can be removed in post-processing.

Should I feed my furry family member a big meal right before our session?

No.  You may feed them a couple of hours prior or maybe a smaller meal and feed the rest after.  It would be great if they have a little bit of an appetite so that treats are more enticing to them.  Please do NOT starve them.  

Do you photograph in the rain?

No.  As mostly a natural light photographer, weather/lighting is KEY to produce the images you see on my website.  We may have to reschedule if the weather is not cooperating.  I will touch base with you as soon as possible so that we can make a final decision.

Do you photograph anything other than pets?

Yes, I can photography children/families.  Please contact me about booking that type of session.  *NOTE- if you book a pet session with me, the pet has to be in EVERY image.  

Where should I print my images?

I highly recommend printing through MPIX.  I get no kickbacks for recommending them.  They are just a good, solid consumer lab with tons of product offerings.  PLEASE do not rely on drugstores or big box stores for printing anything important.  The color acuracy is never spot on, making your images look muddy or giving them an unflattering color cast.

Which package is right for me?

Package A is more for the person that just wants a few images for their favorite social media platform or to keep on their computer to look back at some day.  This package is not suitable for printing.  

Package B is for the person who likes OPTIONS!  They are not sure how they want to use the images yet, but wants to be able to use them online or print them.

Package C is for the person that has several models that need their moment to shine in front of the lens!  If you have three precious fur babies, you will get a gallery with tons of variety.  You will also be receiving a lot more images, so I will be with you every step of the way to help you figure out what to do with those images and how to print them to best suit your needs.

How do I book?

Easy. Contact me at or call (803)250-5587.